Parks and Rec Quilt

I felt especially determined this Fall and I finished the third of three quilts I’ve ever completed.


(pictured with Smudge, my 90 year old cat)


And on the bed:


I call it my Parks and Rec quilt because it was contructed during two and a half sessions of 4 seasons of Parks and Rec.


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Coin Quilt

I made a larger quilt with this fabric as a gift for christmas and decided I’d make a quilt for myself because I LOVE these color combos so much. I had the intention of building it larger but I made it this far and decided to just get it over with and finish it. It’s a nice lap size and would be cute for a toddler too.






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Crafty Corner

I had some unused wall space in my craft room and decided that before I made anything else with my Heather Ross garden gnomes I would properly worship the fabric by framing it. I think it looks super cute and putting the money into the frames and nice mat board was so worth it.

I also finished up my next mini quilt. Aqua, red, and pink were made for each other.

I really love this little sucker

Crafty corner!

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A while ago my sister asked me to revive a little chair pad that went with an old doll chair of her childhood. Since childhood the chair has been passed onto my nephew who has become quite fond of it. It was in pretty rough shape…

Ew, right?

I’ve been wanting to try a wonky star quilt pattern for a while and decided this would be the time to do it. I’ve also been waiting for a suitable project to cut into my Heather Ross gnome fabric and decided my nephew would be the first to own a piece of it. Took me 3 years to cut into this fabric…

Here’s my wonky star:

Covering the pad:

And on the chair:

I’m so happy with how it came out! I 100% winged it when I was putting it together to actually wrap around the pad and surprisingly it ended well. I wish I had more of these revival projects. It was really gratifying turning ick into SICK(!)

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Babushka’s House

Mini quilt!

AAAAH! Catzilla!!!


I’m super in love with this. I bit off just enough to chew.

I think I’m going to continue on this small quilting path…

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This is my most recent quilt that I finished piecing weeks ago and am now stuck on quilting it.

I’m forcing myself to fold it up and I’m not allowed to touch it until the end of the month. I’m having the hardest time putting that sucker together. And I’ve spent countless hours stitch ripping. So it’s going into a pile in the corner of my craft room.

Which looks like this right now:

The other half doesn’t look much better. If you look hard enough there’s a cat in there somewhere.

So because of my cupcake quilting failure I’ve decided to take smaller bites and I’ve moved on to tiny quilts and mini quilts.

Exhibit A:


It’s about 4×5 inches and has zero functionality whatsoever although I suppose it could be a coaster but it’s far too cute for coffee rings.

…maybe it’s a tiny unicorn picnic blanket?

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First Quilt!

 I dove into quilt making last month. I had been hoarding mounds of fabric with the intention of making a quilt and I finally took the plunge. I was really happy with how it came out. I thought my first quilt would be a wreck but I’ve been collecting necessary tools like a rotary cutter and square ruler… so my cuts weren’t guess-work as usual. I gave it as a gift to my parents for Christmas. It was the gift I was most excited for the recipient to open. I used a fabric bundle from Patty Young’s Flora & Fauna.

My kitty, Smudge, is helping me with my next project…

But I have about 4 projects going now (as you can see the cupcakes on the floor and couch) BECAUSE I just got a gorgeous new highly functioning Singer sewing machine that I absolutely LOVE. And I can finally quilt properly with free motion stippling! Hooray!

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