Spring Crafting!

Sunday Spring craft day! I’ve been watching Oscar footage all day but in between I’ve been de-wintering the house and putting some Spring together!

New wreath! Still undecided about the bow. Steve claims it’s more of a summer wreath but likes the simplicity of it.

I wanted to do pastel felt rosettes but this came together instead. It does seem more like a summer wreath. Wreaths are really challenging!

Spring shelf vignette.. work in progress

Obviously super into bunting!

Yay Spring!


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Happy Halloween!

This was made for a vintage Halloween swap via craftster.org!









Maybe my favorite project ever. The pumpkins I cut from card stock, the tree is wire wrapped in yarn, and the cat and candy corns are made from paper clay!

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I thought it would be fitting to post this pic of my most recent wreath on the day of a blizzard…

This was part of my holiday and glittered pinecone craze which is now thankfully over and I’m onto fabric cutting and quilting but I’m still swiping glitter off every surface of our apartment. Gotta love these New England snow days ❤

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Our Tree!

This is a shot of our tree on Christmas Eve… stockings are stuffed, gifts are wrapped… twas my pride and joy

As a part of my holiday craze I crocheted Steve and I a pair of teal and chartreuse stockings


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Christmas Ornaments!

The holidays consumed every minute of my existence this past month. It was my first year with my very own christmas tree… which means I started with one ornament. So I got busy making them until my tree looked good and proper.






Gingerbread Eaten Man

Embroidery Round

Embroidery Round/Glittered Pinecone


Some I used online crochet patterns others were ideas from google images. Lots of glitter, lots of yarn = good holiday fun. And mess. I think the apron has  to be my favorite but before that was the gingerbread man.

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