My nephew, Carter, just celebrated his 3rd birthday! Of which he had a pirate theme! So I made chocolate cupcakes with caramel buttercream and salted caramel sauce

And as a gift I made a pirate map! All freehand embroidered- my largest embroidery project yet!











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Gnome Laundry…

It’s the dead of winter and I’ve been dreaming of springtime lately…

blue skies, white puffy clouds, bright green grass, fresh clean laundry, warm breezes, and tiny gnomes.

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Christmas Ornaments!

The holidays consumed every minute of my existence this past month. It was my first year with my very own christmas tree… which means I started with one ornament. So I got busy making them until my tree looked good and proper.






Gingerbread Eaten Man

Embroidery Round

Embroidery Round/Glittered Pinecone


Some I used online crochet patterns others were ideas from google images. Lots of glitter, lots of yarn = good holiday fun. And mess. I think the apron hasĀ  to be my favorite but before that was the gingerbread man.

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Recently finished door welcomer. I started this guy a couple years ago now. I made the mushrooms out of polymer clay- I have about a hundred of them due to one determined week some summers ago. I’m happy with him. I remember him being just a head for a while- he’s come a long way.

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Littlest House on the Street

I went through a phase of making tiny embroidered houses one summer ago. I had completely forgotten about them but the move revealed a lot of treasures I had forgotten about.

This is but one of the recoveries.

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