Cat Bag

I finally dove into this book that I bought myself about a year ago.

Of so many projects to choose from I decided to start with something for Smudgey.

In an attempt to contain her fur to one area of the craft room…


I finished it this past weekend. I had a really productive Sunday of finishing a quilt top, this kitty bag, and starting on another quilt top. My quilting madness has come to a hault because I’m absolutely out of possible thread to start a project with. Got plenty of decorative thread but not enough of any one thread to continue. What ever will I do. Maybe I can work on my new years resolution to go out more often… instead of crafting… that’s like a BIG dot dot dot…


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Cake Pops!

Steve’s sister, Mary, gave me this book Cake Pops by Bakerella  for Christmas… knowing how much I love cupcakes, cute, and craft books! I tried making some over winter break.

And cake bites!

They were super fun to make. A productive way to spend one of my days crafting over break. They look way more presentable than I thought they would as my first attempt. What an ingenious idea to crumble up cake, mix it with frosting, and cover it with chocolate. Brilliant, Bakerella!

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Craft Book Junkie

These I got a while ago:

Super excited about them. I love craft books. This past summer during my months of post graduation and anxious job hunting I kept myself partially busy by making tiny polymer clay cakes… hence the cookbook. I can’t wait to try some of the “recipes” har har. And yarn bombing is something everyone should be informed about. Amazing stuff.

And THEN my wonderful brother in law and I went to a used bookstore down the street where he has loads of store credit and he spoiled me rotten with these amazing vintage craft books. Mostly from the 70’s and early 80’s.

Full of fantastic vintage glory…

Oooooooh the patterns and colorssss!

This was probably the coolest find:


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