Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Braincakes and Brainy Bites

My sister just recently received her PHD in neuroscience so I made her a bunch of brainy deliciousness for our celebration!

Brainy Bites… inspired by Cake Pops. It’s crumbled cake mixed with frosting covered with chocolate… in brain form.

and Braincakes. Red velvet cupcakes with cream brain cheese frosting!

Hooray for brains!

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Cake Pops!

Steve’s sister, Mary, gave me this book Cake Pops by Bakerella  for Christmas… knowing how much I love cupcakes, cute, and craft books! I tried making some over winter break.

And cake bites!

They were super fun to make. A productive way to spend one of my days crafting over break. They look way more presentable than I thought they would as my first attempt. What an ingenious idea to crumble up cake, mix it with frosting, and cover it with chocolate. Brilliant, Bakerella!

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Happy Birthday(s)!

Today, along with my brother, is my coteacher, Morgan’s, birthday! For my birthday she made me some sick ladybug cupcakes so I could only return the favor for hers.

A couple firsts here: 1. 1st dive into vegan baking and 2. 1st attempt at drawing on a cake AND 3. 1st baked good made from scratch. No box!

It’s chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. Seahorses are her favorite as is the color orange.

I’m pretty proud of myself despite the difficulty of slippery, oily, vegan frosting. I found that once on the cake though it was easier to manipulate and poke around. It’s much like a gel. But I’ve always been timid about drawing on cakes because I’ve always envisioned myself ruining the design and having to mix all the colors together to end up with a brown frosted cake. BUT that didn’t happen!

I like the recipes a lot. Simple and delicious.

Happy Birthday Morgan and Paul!

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Owls, Tree Stumps, And a Few Chicks

Each year for a while now I’ve made cupcakes for Easter. Usually I make jellybean egg baskets, m&m butterflies, and marshmellow bunnies. This year I went a different route. I came across the owl decor elsewhere, I don’t remember where, but the tree stumps are my own decor genius.

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