Robots, robots, robots!

I recently finished my first comissioned piece. My sisters best friend, Amy, just had a baby boy and she had asked me to make a mobile incorporating ROBOTS- his bedroom theme. This is how it turned out:

This guy is my favorite:

I also made a soft block for them cause I’ve had this fabric for probably 8 years now and I’ve done nothing with it. I love making these toys.

There you have it. My most detailed crochet project thus far. I’m happy with how it came out. And most importantly, they love it too!


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My Little Baby Muse

Happy May! Almost 7 months ago now, a baby muse was born! My nephew, Carter, has served as inspiration for many o’ crafts. And since I partially live with my sister and brother in law, parents of Carter, his musey greatness is readily available.

This was my first go at quilt making. It’s kind of half quilted half cheat quilted because of the fabric, which is Michael Miller’s First Sight fabric, made to stimulate baby brains. I made him a matching block to go with it.

The back of it… Something to remember me by…

And the little man himself..

I’m working on getting more quilting supplies like a rotary cutter. I have a stack of fabric waiting to be chopped up and sewn together.

These I made for him for Christmas:

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