Fabric Dollhouse/Sewing Box

This was a massive project. I saw this little fabric dollhouse online years ago. And then I found the same pattern in my One Yard Wonders sewing book. Finally I felt inspired to tackle the project. I increased the size of the original pattern so I could use it for sewing notions and such. Thinking ahead- it would make a great playhouse for a small child one day…


I made some accessories that could be used logically for sewing and also doll.. housing

Needle rug:

The pincushion could be used as a couch..

Or a bed!


And the needle book could be a rug or a blanket!



April 25, 2011. Tags: , , . Sewing.


  1. Trail's Crafts replied:

    I love the doll house!

  2. gentlemonkey replied:

    This is so great! I just found your blog through craftster 🙂 I wanted to make one of these aaagggeeesss ago. Bought the fabric and everything but never got around to it. Can I ask, what did you use to stabilise the walls??

    • littlenutbrownsquirrel replied:

      It’s plastic cross stitching sheets wrapped in batting! The directions are more specific

      • gentlemonkey replied:

        I thought that’s what the pattern said 😉
        I bought some when I bought all the fabrics, but I can’t seem to remember where I put it! 😛

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