This is my most recent quilt that I finished piecing weeks ago and am now stuck on quilting it.

I’m forcing myself to fold it up and I’m not allowed to touch it until the end of the month. I’m having the hardest time putting that sucker together. And I’ve spent countless hours stitch ripping. So it’s going into a pile in the corner of my craft room.

Which looks like this right now:

The other half doesn’t look much better. If you look hard enough there’s a cat in there somewhere.

So because of my cupcake quilting failure I’ve decided to take smaller bites and I’ve moved on to tiny quilts and mini quilts.

Exhibit A:


It’s about 4×5 inches and has zero functionality whatsoever although I suppose it could be a coaster but it’s far too cute for coffee rings.

…maybe it’s a tiny unicorn picnic blanket?


February 3, 2011. Tags: , , , . Crochet, Quilts, Sewing.

One Comment

  1. jenyjenny replied:

    Oh, so beautiful! I want to try the little things. The big things may end up a catastrophe for me…

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