The Birth of… ZOMBIE BEAR

I was inspired months ago to crochet a zombie like creature while I was searching etsy for a Christmas present for my brother, Paul, who is into twisted things of the zombie nature. He has a birthday this month which inevitably put the fire under my butt to achieve said goal. And we celebrated yesterday.

Prepare yourself…

This. is the outcome:


The Birthday Boy:

It was remarkably fun to make- deciding which arm would be severed, what side his intestines would spill out, how miserable his eyes would look. I was so excited to unleash him to his new owner. He did not disappoint. I would’ve liked to put a few more embellishments on him like stitches, blood, or moldy skin sores. But alas I ran out of time. Perhaps Zombie Bear will have a sister one day or some sort of other freakish pet.


June 20, 2010. Tags: . Crochet.

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